Up the mountain!

We had a lovely day up on the Kodaikanal mountain.  The kids shopped, saw lots of monkeys and chose to horse ride, cycle, paddle boat or walk around the lake.


Marble factory 

We went to the marble factory after the Taj Mahal and saw how the Taj Mahal marble tiles were made.  The marble was shaped and polished by hand.  Pictures were carved into the stone and semi-prescious stones were carved by hand to put into the carvings.   Some of the stones used were turquoise, malachite, mother of pearl and carnelian.


The kids have been enjoying their celebrity status.  They can’t rest for more than a minute at tourist attractions without people wanting selfies with them.  When they sat for too long at the Taj Mahal a line formed!  Everyone has been very polite and respectful to our children and they always ask before taking photos.  The kids favourite were a playful couple at the Taj Mahal who teasingly fought with each other over which of them got to be in the photos.  The woman looked like a Bollywood movie star (she’s in the last 3 photos).

We took a few photos ourselves to give you a general idea.